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04 October 2008 @ 10:44 pm
deja vu  


I’ve been looking for the perfect material

Not the usual musings of unrequited like and teenage confusion and life

But something new –or old, more like


And finally, a development, a regression

Of skeletons and childhood memories and the institution

Of put downs and let downs and comparison

And all this time, its managed to worm its way out of its grave

Climbing the winding staircase, only to slide back down the banister

Nothing words of flattery and assurances could ever save.


It's neither the subject nor the cause

But the excuses the insensitive shadows whisper back

Their words are trying, and exciting and fighting

And they hang over like a foreboding storm

They could never understand, they’ll never learn


If only they knew, but they don’t

If only they cared, but they don’t