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03 October 2008 @ 08:42 pm
Dear Stranger  
This is my real journal.

I update another LJ, one where my cyber friends equals my real life friends. One where everyone has full access to my private feelings. But i can't say everything i want to say. I could privatize my entries, but c'mon. Where's the fun in that?

People judge, and people are hypocrites. People are, and people feel. Feelings are neither right nor wrong.

I'm just looking for my own little corner in the World Wide Web, where one little emo entry won't cause a week's worth of stares and empty lunchbreaks. I'm just looking to be able to express my feelings, without running the risk of being judged.

Or you could judge me, but then again, you don't know me.

I just need a break.

So, add me up?

Love, Random person from the internet (Yes, i'm a person too.)

P.S. I am not some crazy psychopath stalker. Just a borderline-emo teenager.With flat feet.